Slim to the extreme
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Xlim Series pushes the boundary of slimness, reimagine what slim wallets should look like. We took away all the unnecessary parts of a regular wallet that contribute to the thickness, without giving up any essential features that we think a modern wallet should have, and the result is amazing. Xlim Series is extremely slim, stylish, functional, and secure. We put our hearts and efforts in every details of the Xlim Series to deliver the best wallet to you.
Xlim Series
Past Campaign
Just received mine in Malaysia. It's beatiful~ Thanks!
Mine arrived yesterday too! Only thing is I regret not choosing black but all is good! New year new wallet!
Geraldine Moo
my wallet just arrive in Singapore, safe and sound. it will be my new year resolution not to loss my wallet :)
Jaq Vn LvRn
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